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Red Vein Haunted House


Temilyredvynhomas Redvyn and his wife Emily traveled to North America in the late seventeenth century from Europe. Thomas came from a wealthy family in England (Lord Redvyn family), while Emily had claimed to be Irish-born and poor. They first settled in Massachusetts and joined a Puritan community to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. Since the Redvyn family had money, Thomas and Emily fit right in with the leadership circle of the community. During September 1692, two families reported missing children, aged 5 and 6. Late one night that same month, Thomas saw Emily carrying the Allan family newborn baby inside their barn. After a confrontation, Emily was able to convince Thomas that she possessed powers and abilities beyond his wildest dreams. Knowing he had no choice, Thomas reluctantly went along with Emily’s plan and for the time being was able to keep her secret. A month-long investigation by community leaders on the missing children led them to discover the bloody blanket of a child in Thomas and Emily’s barn. In October 1692 Emily Redvyn was officially accused of kidnapping and murder. By the time the townsfolk arrived at the Redvyn residence to place her under arrest, both Thomas and Emily had already escaped.


The Redvyn name popped up again in Virginia many years later….


A small facility named Providence Home for Wayward Children was founded in Hanover County in 1781. The founder’s name was Emily Redvyn. No one at the time knew of the Redvyn name or it’s history in Massachusetts, and Emily was described as young and vibrant. Providence was known to accept children who were abandoned, those with mental and physical handicaps, addictions, or just needing guidance. A few years went by and reports of missing children began to spread throughout the settlements in the area. Emily Redvyn was eventually arrested and sentenced to death for practicing witchcraft. The townsfolk first tried drowning her in a nearby lake without much success. She was then hanged from a tree. When a pulse was still found on her body, she was set on fire, decapitated, and disemboweled. Her remains were buried under the tree in which she hung. As the townsfolk
ransacked her residence and went through her possessions, they found a book of spells. A local preacher, using what knowledge he gained from the book, was able to trap Emily’s soul from possessing any person or creature, forever encapsulating her in the void. Witches at the time were known to possess rabbits, not black cats, so all rabbits in the area were hunted and slaughtered, with their remains hung from Emily’s tree. It’s said the field where Emily’s body was buried was covered in red for days following her execution.

unexplainedvirginiaIn 2016 a local scientific research organization, while investigating a Richmond-based cult calling themselves The Order of Red Vein, stumbled upon the story of Emily Redvyn and began piecing together her malevolent history. Through their research, they discovered the location of the old Providence House, including Emily’s tree and her final resting place, at Hanover Vegetable Farm in Hanover County. In October 2016 the group will start giving historical tours of the area with the hope that they’ll finally be able to tell the true history behind Emily Redvyn.